REIM September 2016 Edition


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The debate on whether property is a better asset class than shares is a debate that will go on for decades. Property pundits would always say that there is no safer investment than bricks and mortar, while share pundits claim shares have made more millionaires in a shorter space of time. Both asset classes are pushed by vested interests in each. The real question is, which asset class is best for you? Our September Cover Story aims to assist in these questions.

Stephen Brookes, CEO of the recently listed Balwin Properties, is our Master Investor for September. We talk with Stephen about the formation of Balwin Properties, the company’s initial success and their long-term goals.

Elsewhere in the magazine we examine the ins and outs of the recently passed Land Expropriation bill, investigate the new trends in real estate technology and explore the various offshore options available to local investors

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